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Brain of a Scientist. Heart of a Buddha.

Sri Guru Ratna Prabhu is a master of the spiritual process, who is guiding thousands of seekers on their journey to self-realization. Born in 1973 to a Jain family, Sri Guru defies sectarianism. With her thousands of talks she has, in fact, explored 4 major religions of eastern culture — Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. The distinctive voice of Sri Guru inspires people to move beyond the narrow windows of religion and experience the vast sky of freedom offered by them. In her own words she is “preparing religions for the next generation.”


A seeker often experiences that her wisdom is powered by an aura of inwardness. Along with her intellectual brilliance, Sri Guru is widely revered to be an artist of meditation. The numerous techniques devised by her enable the modern-day seeker to enter into mystical experiences, release perceived stress of the world and blossom unconditional bliss within. Sri Guru says “I cannot talk you into awakening. You have to go through a process.” And she is always absolutely clear about the process.


For today’s competitive lifestyle which forces a person to remain a slave of materialism, Sri Guru has introduced a unique technique called the SwaRaj Kriya — a meditative process that takes you on an awakening journey through the medium of Chakras (energy centers) and the Spine. With these tools, she instills strong disciplines among the seekers that are essential for reaching a common human goal of self-realization.

One second of actual plunge into Meditation puts together the effect of years of knowledge-collection. For within that one experience belongs the reason for all your knowledge.

Shrimad Rajchandra Mission, Delhi

Call for Self-Realization

Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Delhi, founded in 2010 by Sri Guru, is a non-profit organization inspired by the teachings of Shrimad Rajchandraji. Built and supported by its ever-dedicated volunteers, SRM is on a mission to spread Sri Guru’s call of self-realization to the sincere ones globally.

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SRM operates on the 4 principles of Prem (Oneness), Seva (Service), Sanyam (Discipline) and Sadhana (Meditation). All activities and initiatives at SRM are an extension of these principles.

Some of the initiatives include:

  • Organising Satsang & Meditation events 3-4 times a month at different locations.


  • Production of content to inspire millions of people through digital as well as physical distribution.


  • Administration of several programs including the SwaRaj Kriya Program, to ensure maximum benefit to the people.


  • Humanitarian projects including the Annadaanam, Vastradaanam & Shikshadaanam (upgrading rural schools’ infrastructure for better education).

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