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Jun 14 - Jul 6, 2023

Exploring the Isavasyopanishad

In a span of twenty sessions, Sri Guru engrained in seekers an intense passion and drive for Self-realization with the verses of the Isavasyopanishad.

Sri Guru graced seekers with twenty captivating sessions, each one a gateway to a profound awakening. The Master began by introducing the teachings of the Isavasyopanishad – whose 18 verses speak of the ultimate goal of Self-realization. Studying them under Sri Guru’s guidance, the seekers’ evenings were filled with mesmerizing revelations and insightful discussions on the nature of Brahma, Maya, the Five Sheaths, and the key behavioural tendencies of Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. 

Sri Guru nudged seekers towards a riveting self-discovery when she reasoned how most of us are Rajsik by nature. The words “Selfless action performed in a spirit of service and sacrifice” continued to resonate throughout the Dharma Yatra. Sri Guru further enriched the seekers’ minds by teaching them about the importance of a growth mindset — saying “yes” to taking responsibility and “no” to the blame game that hinders progress.

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