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Jun 18, 2023
San Jose, CA, USA

Insights on the Karma Yog

Sri Guru spoke on Lord Krishna’s Karma Yoga — a commonly misunderstood concept in today’s capitalist society.

At Krishna Dham, San Jose, an awakening discourse on Karma Yoga, one of the four Yogas propounded by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita, took place. Sri Guru addressed the misconception that "Excessive work equates to Karma Yoga." She highlighted that true Karma Yoga involves carrying out our worldly responsibilities peacefully while simultaneously pursuing the goal of inner evolution.

Sri Guru’s talk showcased how Arjuna evolved through the 18 chapters that unfolded in Shri Krishna’s discourse. The Master illustrated how it was not a single verse, but the entire journey of the Bhagavad Gita that became the turning point for Arjuna, thus emphasizing the transformative power of Satsangs. Thereafter, the seekers were guided into a 10-minute immersive meditation session that helped them absorb the experience to the fullest.

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