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Jul 1, 2023
Tampa, FL, USA

Sri Guru helms the JAINA Convention

Sri Guru graced the JAINA convention as a keynote speaker and delivered discourses on Lord Mahveer and the three relationships that hold life.

On 1st July, Sri Guru marked the inauguration of the JAINA convention'23 in Tampa with her keynote speech – The Mahaveera Way in the 21st Century. Here, she emphasized the importance of addressing the “why” behind religious concepts, bridging the gap between traditional teachings and present understanding. The three A’s—Ahimsa, Anekantvaad, and Aparigraha were expounded upon, and Sri Guru provided a spiritual perspective on their practical implementation. The attendees were swept away by Sri Guru’s spiritual understanding, finding answers to questions that had long evaded them.

Sri Guru's second session on 2nd July explored the three relationships that hold life – relationships with self, others, and God. Thereafter, Sri Guru’s calming aura pervaded the entire hall, as seekers delved into a guided meditation.

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